Monday, April 26, 2010

Abilene Kansas

Leaving Branson for Kansas was bitter sweet. I wanted to spend more time there, but the road was calling!
Route 65 North out of Missouri is all hills and all small country towns. I’ve said that before and I am sure will say it again through out the country. Route 65 runs through the heart of Missouri and is a straight shot into Kansas once you turn West onto I-70. There you see a vastly different landscape. What seems like millions of acres of land on both sides of I-70 dedicated to raising cattle. That’s pretty much it, except for a farm or home here and there. The wind is also what you feel, strong and continuous. I was told that Kansas is boring with nothing to see. I didn’t find it boring, just different. I was truly amazed at the amount of land that was before me. I did find the Bison ranches interesting. Now I know where those Buffalo burgers come from that I have been ordering.
I entered Abilene and the Covered Wagon Campground and set up for the evening. Abilene is the home of Dwight D. Eisenhower. Lots of Eisenhower stuff. “I Like Ike”, but I preferred to see the Western stuff. I found out that I have to go down to Ellsworth, Wichita, or Dodge City for that. That is where I will be heading. Actually Abilene has some interesting history that you can read about in the picture below. The buildings that you see are the real deal. Not replicas, but the actual structure. The Rock Island Station  and railroad is the same that you hear about in the song about it being “A mighty fine line”. It all stared here in Abilene. All information that I know you were clamoring for. More cow towns to follow. Enjoy the pictures. TC…

                                            Not your TC, but this TC...
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  1. I liked this one. I expected to see a picture of a wild west shoot out. Although you are not quite out in the wild west, yet.. The "architecture" looks like the wild west.
    Love you